luni, 31 august 2009

Transilvania- illustrated

In these images you can see streets from the old city Sibiu-Hermannstadt(Romania) and Brasov-Kronstadt(last gate).I created them to be published in my book,the one about old arhitecture in Transilvania.

marți, 11 august 2009

Illustrating for others

This last week I decided to exercise my drawing,so I started to illustrate international designers wear.You can find here some examples .I really love some of them...

the colors....

Rococo Party!

Here are some sketches made in traditional technique,collage,but also a bit of technology.I won a contest with these durig college so I was greatly encouraged.
It was a great adventure to create this concept!

Fashion Portraits

Even if I do not handle very well portraits I am trying.One teacher said that a good designer does not stick with one areea,you have to explore and practice also the things that you are not that good at.And that is what I am doing.I intend to draw more portraits because it is a real challenge for me.So good luck to me!

pencil sketches

I came to the conclusion that it is best to put a flash ideea on paper right away as it comes ,because it goes away so quick.It is so great when I discover something interesting... I keep everything I do anyway,I already have hundreds of fashion drawings.Yupi!

Toxic collection

This was my graduate collection,called "Toxic".The inspiration is the powerfull whoman during the Second World War when the lack of everything made them recycle in order to still be beautiful and atractive.The military uniform stimulatet my imagination a lot.
Also I won an important Fashion Contest-INSPIRED that made me confident to continue this work.And I intend to go further!