duminică, 30 mai 2010

New York fashion illustration

Because I am in New York I cannot help myself ,I just have to make some fashion illustrations with the city that fascinates me so much.

miercuri, 19 mai 2010

sâmbătă, 23 ianuarie 2010

New stuff! Fantasy Land!

These last images are made after seeing some great book illustrations.I felt like creating a whole story,and they all have one.

O versiune interpretata a ilustratiei dupa rochia cu flori a lui Alexander McQueen.

luni, 4 ianuarie 2010

Cosmic Girl

This Cosmic Girl collection is my very favorite one.I remember how euphoric I was when all those great ideas were getting shape on paper. Everyone likes it also.I was actually listening to that great song "Cosmic Girl" of J. that gave me the inspiration, and drawing and drawing....